Mick Dailey is a graphic designer and illustrator. His love for art lead him to work in many areas of it, from an art foundry in New York to an Architectural Signage & Graphic Design company in North Carolina.

Following his dream of operating his own graphic design and illustration firm, he opened his own company that offers a personal and professional service that takes the time to fully understand your needs. Your company’s image and the message it portrays to the public is more important than ever these days. Mick Dailey images can help provide you with a strong branding identity that resonates with your customers. From your company’s logo down to the labels you use for your shipping, and anything in between, his company can design a comprehensive package for you.

He also specializes in illustrations of intriguing women and through them wants to connect, foster and communicate with others an attitude of respect and tolerance for our differences. Working digitally enables him to streamline a consistent innovative look that people recognize, and can be easily managed and maintained. His style is suited for both book covers and contemporary portraiture projects.

Mick has lived in Japan and Korea and has traveled throughout Asia and the United States. At Arizona State University, he received a BFA in Fine Art. If he isn't in his studio, he can be found hiking and camping.

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